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Bad Loyalty by Russ CrossleyRaiders Of Cloud CityShear Murder by Russ CrossleyMy Zombie Prince by Russ CrossleyThe Last Serial Killer by Russ CrossleyBlaster Squad #2 - Sea Of DeathOld Bones- Rita Schulz
Revenge Of The Lushites - Russ CrossleyZomopolisAttack of the Lushites  - by Russ CrossleyWriters Tools -The Synopsis - Russ CrossleyBlaster Squad #2 - Sea Of Death


 Science Fiction

Muggins Rules - Russ CrossleyRaiders Of Cloud CityAn Unexpected Journey - Russ CrossleySolitary Man - by Russ CrossleyAttack of the Lushites  - by Russ CrossleyOnce Upon a Time - by  Rita SchulzThrilling Adventure by Russ CrossleyThrilling Stories 2A Family Empire - by Russ CrossleyA Perfect Crime - Russ CrossleyAdventures Into The Unknown - Russ CrossleyTime and SpaceA Little Old FashionedParty Central - Rita Schulz
Big Business - Russ CrossleyEnd Of Empire  - Russ CrossleyFriends Of A Warrior - Russ CrossleyFive MinutesDragon Rising - Russ CrossleyDivided Loyalties - Russ CrossleyCountdown - Russ Crossley
Revenge Of The Lushites - Russ CrossleyNeighborhood Watch - Russ CrossleySurvivors- Russ CrossleyT.I.N. Men - Russ CrossleyThe Family Line - Russ CrossleyShoeless Moe - By Russ CrossleyTales From SpaceOnly The WorthyLock Stock and Barrel
The Secret - Russ CrossleyThe Wise Guy and the Pirates  - Russ CrossleyUntil We Meet Again - Russ CrossleyA Shattered ManUnnatural Immortal - Russ CrossleyLexicon - Russ CrossleyHeroes Of Old - Russ CrossleySidekicks - Russ CrossleyReplacement Parts - Russ CrossleyRebellion, Rita SchulzOne Day AT A Time y Rita SchulzOn Edge - by Russ CrossleyThe Reckoning by Rita Schulz and Russ CrossleyNightmaresWorlds Of Science Fiction And Fantasy10 - by Russ CrossleyGraybillThe-Penguin-Sleeps-With-The-FishesMind ReadersTikka's Big DayThe Great Bicycle Race



Clubhouse Heroes - Russ CrossleyZomopolisSilver LightTales of the Fantastic - by Rita ShulzThe Brownie’s Holiday by Rita SchulzSpirit Inn - Rita SchulzTen Tempting TalesThe Fantastic Five - Rita SchulzTales Of Twisted CrimeMoon Spell - Rita SchulzBlarney- Rita SchulzInt The Land Of DragonsSpoken Words - Rita Schulz
Children of the MonsterDeath By MagicEnd Of The FliesLegacy of the HuntedHook Island - Russ CrossleyGrind Manor - Russ CrossleyBloody Betty Queen of the PiratesBig Hairy Deal - Russ CrossleyOne Red Shoe - Russ CrossleyAdventures In Urban FantasyBlossom Queen, BarbarianHero For A Day - Russ CrossleyIn Search of the Perfect Cup
Strange BedfellowsTales of Weird FantasyThe Wizard’s ApprenticeWith Death You Get the EggrollsAngel on my ShoulderUnnatural Immortal - Russ CrossleyThrilling Adventure by Russ CrossleyOne For All - By Rita SchulzThe Legend Of G And The DragonettesThe Eliminators




Bad Loyalty by Russ CrossleyCape Disappointment - Russ CrossleyA Day Without SunshineDeath By Clown - Russ CrossleyBeggin' For Murder - Russ CrossleyThe Grand Central Mystery - Russ CrossleyDrip! - by Russ CrossleyA Strange Case Of Undead MurderTHe Parrot Of Doom
Justice Served -Russ CrossleyMirror Image - Russ CrossleyBoomerang - Russ CrossleyRagged Ice - Russ Crossley
More Tales of Mystery And SuspenseRobine's Diary - Russ Crossley
https://www.53rdstreetpublishing.com/books/the-kidnapping-of-billy-buttons-and-string-of-pearls/The Christmas ClubThe Last Serial Killer by Russ CrossleyInstrument Of Justice - Russ CrossleyThe Watcher of Wayburn StreetThe Bully - Russ Crossley
https://www.53rdstreetpublishing.com/books/tales-of-the-unexpected/Lucky List - By Rita SchulzMoonrise Diner - Russ CrossleyA Shattered ManBetrayed - Russ CrossleyThree sisters, Rita SchulzTales Of Twisted CrimeTales Of Mystery And SuspenseOld Bones- Rita SchulzSplatter Pattern - Russ Crossley



https://www.53rdstreetpublishing.com/books/for-petes-sake/My Zombie Prince by Russ CrossleyConfessions Of A Bold Maiden - Rita SchulzLove Stories - Russ CrossleyLadies Of The Jolly Roger - Russ CrossleyThe Scarlet Curse